Wine growlers to go?

by / Friday, 09 September 2016 / Published in Blog

20160901_140108We are starting to see businesses adjust to the recent changes to the liquor code.  Of course, the wine expanded permits, which allow certain retail licensees to sell wine to go, have received a lot of press.  I’ve also seen a number of brewpubs, distilleries, and wineries take advantage of the ability to cross-sell each other’s products.  As with any change in the liquor code, it sometimes takes a bit of time before we know how it can fully be used to increase business opportunities for licensees.  One of the best ways to delve into the law and figure out how it can impact your operations is to request an advisory opinion from the Liquor Control Board’s Office of Chief Counsel.  I have seen a few advisory opinion requests recently related to the changes in the Liquor Code.  One of the more interesting opinions relates to whether, as a result of the new ability to sell wine to go, a restaurant can fill and sell wine growlers.  Draft wine hasn’t taken over the industry, but it is becoming a more popular option, especially for high-volume sellers.   The Liquor Control Board Office of Chief Counsel has reviewed the issue and determined that wine growlers are okay, so long as the amount sold is still less than 3 liters per sale.  So the next time you make a growler fill run, take an extra along to fill for your wine-loving friends too.