Back to Basics

by / Wednesday, 14 October 2015 / Published in Blog

DSCF2350Things have been relatively quite in PA Liquor Law Land recently.  The pints-on-premises regulation for breweries was the last major change to the law, as everything else took a backseat to the liquor privatization debate.  Initially, it seemed that something would be done with respect to liquor privatization – whether it was a full-scale sell-off of the state system or more of a modernization effort.  Regardless, I thought my summer would be very busy pouring over new legislation related to liquor laws and updating clients on the impact to their business.  Of course, the liquor privatization discussions became rolled-up in negotiations over the state budget, which is now over 100 days past due.  There has been some back and forth on the issue, with the Governor most recently suggesting he would prefer leasing the system to an outside company to manage.  That proposal did not get much traction for a variety of reasons.  So we remain in a stalemate, waiting for something to happen to break the deadlock.  It appears that something is going to have to give soon, and when we get word about any changes to the Liquor Code, we will break them down for you as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, we want to keep adding helpful content here, including a few posts on some liquor law basics to help those just starting out, or thinking of starting out, get out of the gate smoothly.  The posts will discuss some frequent issues we see new alcohol manufacturers encountering and how to avoid them, so stay tuned!