Breweries Will Be Able to Sell Pints On-Site Without A Brewpub License!

by / Saturday, 30 May 2015 / Published in Blog

Harrisburg 2010 034Big news in Pennsylvania Beer Law – beginning on May 30, 2015, Pennsylvania Breweries can sell beer for on-site consumption without obtaining a brewpub or restaurant liquor license.

With the publication of the PA Bulletin on May 30th, the Liquor Control Board’s regulations will be changed to add §3.93 to the brewery regulations.  As we have been reporting since October, this new regulation will allow breweries who do not already have a brew pub or other retail liquor license to sell their own beer on-site so their patrons can drink at the brewery’s location.  Essentially, this will allow breweries to have a taproom without the need for any additional license.

Of course, there are some strings attached.  For example, the beer can only be consumed between 10:00 a.m. and midnight; the beer must be produced and owned by the brewery (meaning a brewery can’t have another brewery’s beer on tap; however, if the brewery has multiple locations, it can serve beer it produces elsewhere); it must have at least 10 seats; and it must have a minimal food service available, such as chips, pretzels and other, similar food.

This is obviously great news for breweries in planning.  It is very difficult to open up a production-only brewery, so the ability to sell beer on-site is key to small breweries trying to recoup their investments and build their brands.  This will allow them to avoid spending several thousand’s of dollars on a brewpub license.  Even better, it will allow them to save a substantial amount of money by reducing the need for costly food preparation/kitchen equipment that is generally required for a brewpub license.

There are advantages to existing breweries as well.  We will discuss those and the regulation in general in a more detailed post soon.