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Wine growlers to go?

Friday, 09 September 2016 by

We are starting to see businesses adjust to the recent changes to the liquor code.  Of course, the wine expanded permits, which allow certain retail licensees to sell wine to go, have received a lot of press.  I’ve also seen a number of brewpubs, distilleries, and wineries take advantage of the ability to cross-sell each

In early June, Pennsylvania went from having little to no chance of meaningful liquor law reform to having one of the most comprehensive updates to the Liquor Code in decades.  In about 24 hours, House Bill 1690 went from a complete stall to passage and signing by the Governor — not even gossip travels that

PaLCB Okays Barrel Swap

Friday, 08 July 2016 by

Jameson Irish Whiskey’s Caskmates series is an interesting example of how brewers and distillers are helping each other get creative and push their respective recipes to new grounds.  The Caskmates whiskey line is the result of Jameson sending some of its aging barrels to the Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork, Ireland.  Franciscan Well then brewed an

We’ve been pretty excited since first learning that the Brewers Association’s Craft Brewers Conference was going to be held in Philadelphia this year.  From May 3 through the 6th, Philadelphia and the surrounding area will play host to established industry professionals, rising stars, and craft beer fans. Although Philadelphia is known as the City of

Back to Basics

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 by

Things have been relatively quite in PA Liquor Law Land recently.  The pints-on-premises regulation for breweries was the last major change to the law, as everything else took a backseat to the liquor privatization debate.  Initially, it seemed that something would be done with respect to liquor privatization – whether it was a full-scale sell-off

We have been fielding a lot of questions this week from breweries regarding the change in regulations allowing pints to be served on the brewery premises.  Many of the questions were related to breweries determining whether it is still beneficial to keep their brew pub licenses.  There are certainly pros and cons, and the LCB

We broke the news this past Friday that the regulation allowing Pennsylvania breweries to sell beer for consumption on-site without the need for a brew pub or other liquor license was going to become law on Saturday, May 30, 2015. We have been following this regulation closely since we first discovered it was being proposed

Big news in Pennsylvania Beer Law – beginning on May 30, 2015, Pennsylvania Breweries can sell beer for on-site consumption without obtaining a brewpub or restaurant liquor license. With the publication of the PA Bulletin on May 30th, the Liquor Control Board’s regulations will be changed to add §3.93 to the brewery regulations.  As we

Last week I saw someone asking about Pennsylvania’s rules regarding filling growlers that are labeled with a brewery’s name.  The person was coming from Vermont and essentially wanted to know if he could bring growlers from various Vermont breweries and have them filled here in Pennsylvania.  The Brewers Association has a database of various state

Back in October, we broke the news that the Liquor Control Board was proposing to change its regulations to allow Pennsylvania breweries to sell their beer on-site without the need for a brewpub or other retail license. (  Before a new regulation can become effective, however, there is a fairly complex path it must